A Covid Meditation Nine Months On

The following poem reflecting on the Covid-19 pandemic was written by Sue Cleave, from St Clement’s Church, Oxford. We hope her words resonate with you as we look towards Christmas and the new year.

From My Bubble – A Covid Meditation Nine Months On

Seconds out, Round 2, Tier 2,

Déjà vu.

This time we know what’s coming and the heart sinks.

No Spring to lift our mood, no sun-filled days to divert us;

Autumn is daunting enough in the best of times

As the harbinger of greyness and decay to come,

But now already each day brings its losses –

Fewer flowers, shorter days and all too little to distract us.

Even in anticipation our mood spirals downwards.

Too much time, too little motivation.

We settle into a type of torpor

As the flatness of undifferentiated days takes its toll.

Only the rules change – daily it seems

As politicians weigh health against finances,

Scientists against economists,

Consensus against revolt.

Even Solomon in all his wisdom would be daunted.

The promise of a vaccine offers hope,

But not now, not yet.

So what now? Do we write off Christmas?

Or is there a better way?

It was never meant to be about self-indulgence,

About eating and drinking, comfort and prosperity.

It all started in a draughty stable,

With no family around, no hospital care,

Only a decree to comply with and taxes to pay.

So let’s get back to basics; strip away all accretions,

See it for what it really is – a true cause for celebration.

A birth, a child, a promise, a Saviour.

Emmanuel – God with us. One born to suffer for us

And suddenly a light penetrates the darkness.

A true sense of proportion returns.

Sue M Cleave

Nov 2020