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Helping us be the best Church we can be in an ever-changing world.

Issue by issue, Pathways magazine will help us all to think afresh about inequality, our communities and what it means to be human.

Published three to four times each year and distributed to 23,000 people in the Diocese of Oxford, Pathways is filled with a mix of thoughtful features to help readers go deeper with God and practical pieces to help them live out their faith on a day-to-day basis.

Scroll down the page for issue dates. If you'd like to contribute an article for the magazine, or our online edition, please be sure to read this page then get in touch with us at


Pathways is for all God's people, disciples and inquirers alike. It's for the punter in the pew and people on the fringes of a regular gathered church, and also those who venture in on special occasions, if at all. The magazine doesn't shy away from covering tough issues such as human sexuality and assisted dying. We try to avoid simple answers and formulaic conclusions, and look for contributors who do the same.


Our tone of voice is accessible, entertaining and friendly. Any anecdotes should be real-life only and we look for a range of voices over a publication year to portray the different traditions and churchmanship of the Anglican Church.

At all times we look for language that is as non-churchy as possible. The best way to describe something in words in an accessible way is to describe it as if you were talking to a friend in the pub, or a good friend who isn’t a theology expert over coffee after church. When we use Bible verses they are typically from the NRSV version.

Our authors

  • Pathways does not accept unsolicited content or simultaneous submissions. Please get in touch with us to discuss a piece you'd like to write.
  • Contributors typically live or worship in the Diocese of Oxford, or have a strong personal connection to the area.
  • The editors and Director of Communications reserve the right to reject any submitted content at any stage of the editorial process.

Word count

Articles should be no more than 500 words. Less than 500 words allows room for graphics and visual ideas. Lists are always welcome, and we can discuss this with you before you start writing. If you're struggling to keep to the agreed word count send us the piece anyway and we’ll edit it down for you.


Please respect the deadlines we give you as we need to have time to reflect on content and we may want to suggest edits (or use your article in a different way). If there is going to be problem delivering a piece, let us know early so we have plenty of time to commission a different author.

Regular sections of the magazine

Everyday Faith

How to live a greater, fuller life in God from Sunday to Saturday.

God in the Life Of...

A collection of interviews with Christians from all walks of life.

How to...

Guides on the basics of the Christian faith that are interesting and accessible 'topical listicles' of things people can do, and more detailed advice and support for disciples such as How to Dwell in the Word.

The Bible/Jesus on...

What the Bible/Jesus has to say that is relevant to contemporary issues.

Head to Head

One of the main feature articles. Two Christians with different perspectives on topical issues express their views and experiences.

This section is always commissioned and presented without editorial comment; it's there to explain the deeply held personal viewpoint of the writers. Authors are asked to avoid 'Bible bashing' and must not set out to explain why other perspectives are wrong. Their task is to write in the first person why and how they came to their perspective.

For the Sake of God's World

Another main feature article, focused on elements of our diocesan vision for a more Christ-like Church. This section is always authored by the Pathways team but can include 'how to' guides that are written by others.

Focus on...

Themes based on universal human experience (laughter, loneliness, love, etc.)

Who told you?

First-person testimony from a lay person about their adult journey to faith and the people who guided them along the way. Who told you is there to act as an encouragement both to people exploring their faith and to mature Christians thinking about how they can better encourage others exploring faith.


Issue 11 - Spring 2023

We begin planning this issue in January. Do get in touch with suggestions for articles.

Issue 10 - Winter 2022/3

Features include a useful piece on improving your resilience and speculation about what Jesus would do if he were chancellor. An article on reconciliation will help anyone seeking to love their neighbour when that is challenging. There’s also a guide to finance in our diocese and how that money helps our churches and schools to thrive. In Churches from 11 December onwards

Issue 9 - Autumn 2022

Together with God in tough times. 

Issue 8 - April 2022

Changing times, lasting promises.

Issue 7 - January 2022

Exploring our calling to be our unique selves.

Issue 6 - Autumn 2021

Following a break due to lockdown and the closure of church buildings, the theme is good connections.

Issue 5 - July 2020

The climate emergency. This edition of the magazine is digital only in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Issue 4 - February 2020

'One tunic living'; the impact of pornography on the whole of society.

Issue 3 - October 2019

School chaplaincy, working with children and young people.

Issue 2 - April 2019

Growing new churches and congregations. News of development fund and parish discernment tool.

Issue 1 - January 2019

Making a bigger difference in the world and human sexuality.


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