UPDATED: consecration service for Bishop of Dorchester

Gavin is due to be consecrated as Bishop of Dorchester on 14 April, in a small service beginning at 9.45am in Lambeth. Gavin’s immediate family will be present, and Bishop Steven will be representing the Diocese of Oxford.

Bishop Steven writes: “We heard yesterday evening that it will no longer be possible to stream the service during the period of national mourning for His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh. This will, of course, be disappointing to many across the area who were planning to share in the service virtually and pray for our new bishop.

Both Gavin and I are thankful that the service can go ahead tomorrow without further delay. I would encourage everyone to set aside some time tomorrow to pray for Gavin, perhaps during your normal Morning Prayer or as a focus at 10.15am, when the consecration is due to take place.

For those who would like to join with others online, the Area Team have kindly agreed to lead a simple time of prayer using some of the words from the service on Zoom.

But the most important thing is to pray for God’s grace and the outpouring of the Spirit on Gavin in this moment of his episcopal ordination.

Many of us are already appreciating having Gavin among us, and we look forward enormously to all that God will do in and through his ministry in the coming years.”

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