Celebrating World Book Day


FAMILIES enjoyed a delicious breakfast while getting to enjoy the pleasure of reading books together at Christ the Sower Ecumenical School in Milton Keynes today.

They joined hundreds of schools and individuals across the Thames Valley to celebrate World Book Day. Instead of letting cold weather get them down, they enjoyed the celebration of all things to do with reading, literature and books.

Dr Huw Humphreys, the headteacher, says: “Twice a year we try and have a book breakfast, linked with some event – World Book Day or something else. It takes a bit of setting up, but families come in for 30-40 minutes at the start of the day, have toast and jam and coffee and tea, and curl up with their children in the hall, which is set up with a myriad of cushions, comfy chairs and rugs. This morning we had about 30 families who came in out of the snow, plus a number of teachers and teaching assistants enjoying books together and reading to one another.”