Bucks Bee Club is a Hive of Activity

A church in Buckinghamshire has come up with a novel way of combining the environment, ecology and education. All Saints’ Coleshill’s churchyard is home to an apiary, and their bee club has made quite a buzz with their younger members.

After each Sunday service, the bee club open the hive together to check on the progress of the colony. They follow up with a discussion on aspects of bee life and the impact bees have on our environment.

While there were initially safety concerns, the careful, experienced leadership has helped the club run smoothly. All Saints’ Church also secured money from the diocese to provide beekeeping suits for their members, and the club has proved a hit.

Howard Pool, the churchwarden and a trustee of the British Beekeepers’ Association, says,

“The enthusiasm and wonder of our young members has been infectious. We also organised a bee service each year to draw out parallels between bee life and Christian teaching, which have proved both fun, popular, and an attraction to young families.”

While the bee club is on hold during lockdown, they look forward to resuming their services again soon.

All Saints' Coleshill's bee club

All Saints’ Coleshill run a bee service in the summer.

Young members of All Saints' Coleshill's bee club wear beekeeping suits

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