Brand new Pathways magazine set to launch in January

Sample Cover

by Jo Duckles

After what feels like months of creative thinking, brainstorming, reading, writing, editing and tweaking, I can now reveal our new diocesan magazine Pathways.

Available from early January 2019 Pathways replaces the Diocese of Oxford Reporter (the Door) newspaper that aimed to bring a sense of unity to a diverse diocese through a mixture of news, features, comment and photography every month.

But, after 29 years and several re-designs, it was time for a change. So, we spent the summer pouring over a variety of magazines, reflecting on our recent market research survey on what readers want and thinking about ideas for a brand-new publication.

The result is Pathways, a B5, full-colour magazine containing a mix of reflective features to help you go deeper with God, and practical pieces to help you live out your faith on a day-to-day basis.

We hope it will be a resource you will enjoy reading and will be happy to pass on to inquirers – those curious about the Christian faith who want to learn more.

The new publication and the communications work we do online reflects changes in the way a technological revolution has heralded major changes in how we share news as a society. Pathways does not contain news. It was hard to keep news stories relevant in a monthly magazine and would be even harder in a quarterly. However, I started my career as a news reporter, and I realise the importance of reporting news as it happens.

Please keep sending me press releases and snippets of news from your parishes and schools to  If you want to discuss give me a ring on 01865 208227.  I’ll use those stories on the newsfeed on this website, share them over Twitter and Facebook, in e-News and of course send them on to the relevant local news outlets.

And don’t forget to order your copies of Pathways here as well as following us: @oxforddiocese on Facebook and Twitter.