Bishop Steven joins faith meeting to condemn Finsbury Mosque attack


MORE than 60 people of all faiths and none joined together in solidarity at Oxford’s Central Mosque today.

People of all faiths and none gather at the mosque.

The Revd Phil Ritchie, from St Mary and St John’s Church on Cowley Road.

Supt Joe Kidman from Thames Valley Police.

Around 60 people attended. Faith leaders expected a dozen.

Leaders from faith communities and the police gathered.

The Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft and the Revd Charlotte Bannister Parker were among the faith leaders who gathered to stand together in the wake of recent terrorist attacks.

Christians, Jews, Pagans, Mormons and Muslims were represented and spoke, calling for unity against extremists.

Imam Monawar Hussain welcomed Bishop Steven as it was his first visit to the mosque, which is believed to be the biggest in the region. “I’m sorry the circumstances weren’t better but it seems what’s happening in London is making us stronger. It is bringing our communities together. It is having the opposite effect to the effect the extremists want to have,” said Mr Hussain.

Bishop Steven said: “Islamic extremists and people from the far-right sow fear and division and it’s only through relationships like this that fear and division can be met with love and with trust and with friendship.”

Superintendent Joe Kidman, from Thames Valley Police, spoke to reassure those gathered that Oxford is not considered to be at threat from terrorists. However, he said it was important to report anything unusual or suspicious.


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