An accessible church


Based in Eynsham, youth worker, Olly Shaw, has been helping to expand the reach of the local Church community. Each Friday night and Sunday morning Olly and his colleagues run two sets of groups in the youth centre, the first welcoming years 7-9, and the second for year 10 and above. By playing games and having friendly conversations, Olly says these groups aim to create a relaxed and fun environment for any local young person interested in joining a church but unsure of how to access one.

Olly has commented on the importance of initiatives such as these, as it helps improve church accessibility for young people in a village, particularly when transport is limited and they may not come from a Christian background. He describes it as part of a stepping-stone strategy to get more people involved in the church community.

“My own Christian values are integral to my youth work, spreading the message that God loves everyone, and by making worship accessible young people can be encouraged to join in with the hope and community offered by the church,” says Olly.