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Advent Online - A Celebration of Creativity

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This is a text-only version of an article first published on Thursday, 26 November 2020. Information shown on this page may no longer be current.

Over 3,000 Christians have joined together online to share thoughts on what promises to be an Advent like no other.

Advent Online is a celebration of that creative thinking - an online library of resources for churches and Christians providing a lifeline to many in the run-up to Christmas. In September, Revd Arwen Folkes set up the Facebook group Church, Christmas and Covid .

Its initial aim was to provide a space for a few exhausted clergy to pool their Covid-safe Christmas ideas.

But the group quickly grew to over 3,000 members.

Christians from all over the globe began to share their unique ideas and issues for an unprecedented Christmas time.

Advent Online is the result of hundreds of members offering their talents to create an extraordinary resource for the masses.

From poetry to prayer doodles

The daily reflections take a range of formats, showcasing everything from poetry to prayer doodles.

Following themes of hope, joy, love and peace, all of the content has been created specifically for this time.

As a result, Advent Online feeds directly into the nationwide need for some true Christmas spirit.

Creators also haven't shied away from the more challenging circumstances facing many this year, with some reflections touching on grief and uncertainty. In a recent video, Revd Arwen Folkes said, "In the quiet that will come in the absence of social gatherings, with an absence of the routine carols, there is a space to be made.

And in that space, I believe that the gospel will be able to speak and lead people towards a Christmas which may well put more light on the horizon than has been the case all this year through. "

Many of the contributions come from members of the Oxford Diocese.

Revd Richard Lamey, the Rector of St Paul, Wokingham, and Area Dean of Sonning, created this video reflection on week two's theme of joy.

Functioning as both a library and a calendar, the Advent Online website is constantly growing.

You can find the latest news on the Facebook page .

All resources are usable under the Creative Commons license.

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