A taste of pilgrimage

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Swallowtail pilgrimageforwebTHE Swallowtail Pilgrimage in Chinnor gave 33 children the opportunity to visit their village’s three churches this summer.

The youngsters were guided by retired bishop the Rt Revd Brian Skinner, and the Revd Maggie Thorne around St Andrew’s, where they learnt about Labyrinths and the pilgrim shell. At Chinnor Community Church they were told the story of Jonah and his story of straying from the right path. At the Methodist Church they sang actions songs about the Christian journey.

Children enjoyed the experience. Lara said: “I liked that there were so many of us, it felt like a real pilgrimage.” Aaron said: “St. Andrews church was peaceful. We listened to music and got to think about people that have died in our family.” Teddy said: “I loved that we got food like a real pilgrim would have.”

The morning concluded with everyone tucking in to a picnic lunch and pilgrimage biscuits made by Year Two children.

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