Christians and Muslims stand in solidarity at Brookes University


CHRISTIANS and Muslims at Oxford Brookes University have been standing in solidarity with one another following recent global disasters and atrocities.

The Revd Shemil Mathew, Anglican chaplain, sent in these photographs of Christian students stood outside the Muslim prayer room as Islamic students prayed following the attacks on the Al Noor and Linwood mosques in Christ Church, New Zealand.


They are holding up signs which read: “Christians standing with our Muslim friends. We will watch while you pray,” and “I am not a Muslim, but I care for you and will keep watch over your prayers”.

Meanwhile, this photograph shows Muslims holding a prayer vigil with Christians following the Easter Day attacks on churches in Sri Lanka.

Shemil has been working with the Brookes Christian Union and the Islamic Society to encourage members to get to know each other and foster positive interfaith relations. “They have been eating together and in November the Archdeacon of Oxford has invited the Islamic Society on a tour of Christ Church Cathedral. Some of the members have never been in a church, let alone a cathedral.”

Shemil is also partnering with churches in Cowley, Oxford for an event to break the Muslims’ Ramadan fast in the next couple of weeks.

Pathways Live brings you this story after the Diocese has posted on social media encouraging people to pray for global events and disasters. These include a story about helping those impacted by cyclones in Mozambique.
And prayers held in Milton Keynes for Sri Lanka.