10 ways to reduce your carbon footprint

1 Change to a green energy supplier at home and ask your churchwarden to contact the archdeacon about a grant towards the cost of an energy audit for your church.

2 Insulate your home as much as possible: put a curtain over the front door and try to reduce other draughts. For tips on energy efficiency try gov.uk/energy-grants-calculator

3 Providing you’re reasonably fit, wear a woolly and keep your house cooler. You can also save money each year by setting the thermostat to 20°C (68°F) or below.

4 Tumble dryers are energy guzzlers. Spin your washing for longer if you’re going to use a dryer and use a washing line instead whenever you can.

5 Eat less meat and dairy. It’s easy to find great recipes for plant-based meals, and with the money you save, buy local, better quality meat for special meals.

6 Avoid fresh food that’s been flown in and don’t make a special journey just to buy one item. Growing your own lettuce and tomatoes is easy to do (and tastier)!

7 Get out of the car and switch to bus, bike… or legs! Sustrans have great tips for making the switch sustrans.org.uk/what-you-can-do

8 If you have to drive, car emissions are lowest between 50-60 mph. For optimum MPG keep your windows up and your tyres at the right pressure.

9 A car can be essential if you’re in a rural part of the diocese, but for those of us living in more built-up areas, could you manage without one?

10 Getting involved in your local community is one of the best ways to save the planet. Living life locally – concerts, exercise classes, church – means you’re not using energy to travel somewhere else.

Want to do more? See if there’s a local climate action group in your area or visit oxford.anglican.org/commonvision to find out about our partnership with Citizens UK.