The Bishop’s Council is responsible for considering matters of policy; advising the Diocesan Bishop, and determining how matters should be taken forward to the Diocesan Synod for further consideration. It is simultaneously the Executive Committee of the Diocesan Synod and the Board of Directors of the Diocesan Board of Finance.

To fulfil its synodical and statutory responsibilities, the Bishop’s Council handles a wide range of financial and strategic business, and considers issues raised by Diocesan Boards, Councils and Committees. It approves the agendas for Diocesan Synod, and so considers issues raised by the General Synod, and by deaneries, parishes and individual Diocesan Synod members.

Its members come from a broad range of backgrounds.

Ex-Officio members are: the President of the Diocesan Synod and the Vice-Presidents (themselves the Chairmen of the Houses of Clergy and of Laity)

  • The Area Bishops
  • The Archdeacons
  • The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Diocesan Board of Finance
  • The Dean of Christ Church or his representative

There are 18 Archdeaconry clergy and lay representatives, elected by their respective Archdeaconry members of the Diocesan Synod.

  • Four members are nominated by the Bishop from amongst the members of the Diocesan Synod.

The Houses of Clergy and of Laity may co-opt members, and the Bishop of Oxford also Synod invites representatives from other denominations to participate in meetings.

Members of Bishop’s Council are:

Ex-Officio members:

  • The Bishop of Oxford, The Rt. Revd Dr Steven Croft
    The Rt Revd Colin W Fletcher
    The Rt Revd Dr Alan T L Wilson
    The Rt Revd Andrew J Proud
  • The Very Revd Prof. Martyn Percy
    The Ven Guy Elsmore
    The Ven Judy K French
    The Ven Martin C Gorick
    The Ven Olivia Graham
  • The Revd John Tattersall
  • The Revd Canon Sue Booys
  • Mr John Sykes
  • Mr Simon Richards
  • Elected and nominated members:
    Dr Andrew Bell
  • Mr Mark Burton
  • Mrs Julie Dziegiel
    Mr Henry RG Gibbon
  • Prof John Missenden
    Ms Jayne M Ozanne
    Mr Michael Powell
    Mrs Sue Scane
    Mr John Smith
    Dr Anna Thomas-Betts
    Mr Michael Waring
  • Mr Allan Whittow