The Oxford diocesan directory (formerly the Diocesan Yearbook) contains information about the parishes in the four archdeaconries of Oxford, Dorchester, Berkshire and Buckingham. To protect your data, it is accessible only to people whose email addresses are listed in the directory.

Access the directory
Login here

Directory Instructions (see below or download PDF version  Instructions on logging on to the new diocesan on-line directory)

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Getting Help
Please email Ruth Hamilton-Jones.

Hard Copies
It is possible to buy a hard copy of the parish information from Reception at Diocesan Church House if you are a postholder in the diocese. To do this, please complete this ORDER form.  Please note that we have an obligation to protect the data of those included in the directory; we do not provide copies of the directory for commercial purposes.

Information Section
The online directory does not contain all information sections included in the Diocesan Yearbook. Most of these sections are incorporated in the present website.

Enquiries about chaplains should be addressed to the relevant institution; if you have any difficulties contact Revd Paul Cowan, the Bishop of Oxford’s chaplain.

Directory Instructions


Open this link on the website
This should bring up the following box:
You will need to ‘Create new account’ – so click that option.
This should bring up this box:
Type in your email address (making sure it is the one that we hold for you on our database) and then click – ‘Create Account’.
You will then get this box appear:
You will receive an email from which will have instructions on how to create your account. Please keep a note of your password as you will need this each time you log-in to the directory.
Open the link at the top of the document – put your password in – This should bring to the website page.
Click the ‘Directory Search’ button – the screen should look like this:
You have 4 options:
  • Person Search – ideal if you know the name of the person and just want their contact details.
  • Parish Search – type in the area you are looking for and it will bring up a listing of everyone holding posts in that parish/benefice.
  • Job Lists – ideal if you want to find the contact details of person holding a specific posts (ie. First Churchwarden).
  • B.C.C. Lists – This will list Chaplains, Bishops Council and Diocesan Synod members.
You will see that once you have logged on it will bring up the Deanery that you are associated with. If you go to ‘Directory Search’ (at the top of the page) – this will have an option ‘View Deanery’. This will produce a printable directory listing for your Deanery. If you require a printable version of other Deaneries you will need to contact us and request this – using the ‘Contact’ button at the top of the page.
Help and Feedback
Please use the Contact us button if you need help with using the Directory.