Diocesan Directory

This page contains information about the new diocesan directory which is based on the Church of England Contact Management System (CMS).

Using the new diocesan directory (CMS)

All users need to register with the CofE portal.  Read the Getting Started Guide in full for information on how to register and how to request access to the diocesan Contact Management System.

After completing the steps in the Getting Started guide we suggest you read these two quick guides on how to search the CMS.


Once you have access to the CMS you may receive a link via email asking you to check and confirm the contact details we hold for you.


CMS Troubleshooting

I cannot register on the CofE portal because it says someone has already registered using that email address.

This frequently happens with generic email addresses like admin@ourparish.org.uk.

Use the Forgotten Password link to be sent a ‘reset password’ link.

I have registered for the CofE portal but I have never received an email to activate my account.

Try these steps:

  1. Check the message did not end up in your spam folder.
  2. Follow this link to resend the activation code.
I have requested access to the CMS but have not received an email confirming my access.

Unfortunately, at present, the CMS does not email you when your request is approved.  However, we aim to approve requests within 48 hours.

Simply log in to the CMS to check.  If you can see these three menu items then you have been granted access.

If it has been several days since you applied and the menu items have not appeared, contact us and we will help you.

I need more help

If you have a query that is not answered in the help guides and troubleshooting tips please contact us (01865 208262) and we will try to help you.