Helping encourage regular giving

The Diocese of Oxford has recently introduced the Parish Giving Scheme, which is an excellent means of encouraging greater generosity within your church. The scheme enables people to give to their church by direct debit, and there are significant benefits to this scheme compared to other ways of giving. Gift aid is automatically processed by the Parish Giving Scheme every month, saving the church considerable time and improving cashflow. Additionally, givers can choose to automatically increase their giving by the rate of inflation every year. This tackles the problem of static giving, where people’s giving ordinarily remains the same year on year whilst the costs of the church rise continually due to inflation. Givers can also choose to give anonymously if they wish. Over 20 dioceses have adopted the Parish Giving Scheme, and all are seeing increases in giving as a result. If your church would be interested in joining the scheme, then please contact Julie Jones.

“We launched the Parish Giving Scheme as part of a recent Stewardship Campaign across all four parishes of our rural Benefice.  So far we have seen an amazing increase of over 50% on pledged giving for the coming year.  PGS is simple and easy to set up, saves on administration within the Benefice and, with the additional advantage that donors can increase their giving by inflation automatically each year, safeguards against static giving.  We are delighted with the scheme and commend it to other parishes.”

Mark Abrey, Rector of the Chase Benefice

Below are other videos and helpful documents to support the adoption of the Parish Giving Scheme in your church.

The Benefits of the Parish Giving Scheme

Launching the Parish Giving Scheme