Space Makers

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Helping children navigate the world around them

Space Makers is a resource for schools and churches from the Diocese of Oxford. Accessible to children and young people of all faiths and worldviews, five contemplative practices help schools and churches to embrace some of the ancient wisdom of the Christian tradition and assist children in navigating the world around them. Climate anxiety and the vast increase in screen time and exposure to social media seem to be causes of deteriorating mental health in young people.

The ancient contemplative traditions of Christianity, like its secular cousin ‘mindfulness’, have a lot to offer at this time. Space Makers brings five contemplative practices into the life of our schools and churches.

2024/2025 training - For schools and churches this academic year

Training dates below are available for schools and churches to book:

19 June 2024

ODBF Space Maker Training - Douai Abbey

17 October 2024

ODBF Space Maker Training - Ripon College, Cuddesdon

6 February 2025

ODBF Space Maker Training - Ripon College, Cuddesdon

22 May 2025

ODBF Space Maker Training - Ripon College, Cuddesdon

These dates are also available on the Oxford Diocesan Board of Education website.


Media coverage and school interviews

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Space Makers Toolkit for Ukraine on BBC Radio Oxford - 5 November 2023
BBC South Today - 30 September 2021
Goring CE Primary - pilot project
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