Everyday Faith

A fuller life in God from Sunday to Saturday

Elderly and children

Firepits for everyday faith

Firepits are a new initiative from the Diocese of Oxford. They’re a space where real life and issues about everyday faith can be shared. A Firepit can be an existing small group or a temporary group… and anyone can start one.

Elderly and children

Children’s Everyday Faith

A walk with a toddler, if you are prepared to let them meander as they wish, can be the adventure of a lifetime. It’s about the journey, not the destination.



Are you confident about living out your faith from Monday to Saturday? 59 per cent of Christians surveyed recently said their church does not equip them well for life in today’s world

Personal Discipleship Plan

Discover your God-given gifts and find out how a Personal Discipleship Plan could help you to discover what God is doing in your life already, and what you might be called to next.

girl on bike

Seven Small Steps

Going to church is a vital expression of our faith, but how can this time together better nurture our faith so that everyone in this diocese experiences a greater, fuller life in God from Sunday to Saturday?