Everyday faith

Illustrations of people in an everyday context

There isn’t a prescriptive list of things to do to become more Christ-like, it will differ for everyone, but we want more people to come to faith and more believers to be noticing (and talking about) God in their everyday lives.

Everyday faith is about seeing the world as Christ sees it, and experiencing a greater, fuller life in God from Sunday to Saturday – not just at church. It’s about renewing and re-igniting the everyday faith of every person in every church. We think that people grow in their faith when they can take responsibility for their development and develop a helpful structure within which to grow.

This section of the site includes tools, stories and resources to inspire you. It's for people who have never been to church before and also Christians who are established in their faith. We want everyone to feel more confident and equipped to live out the good news of Jesus in all areas of their life.


In this section...

Becoming a Christian

Find details of short courses, hear about other people's journeys of faith, and see how people apply their faith in everyday life.

Growing your faith

Resources to equip you in prayer, worship, scripture and Christian service.

Contemplative practices

How to draw on ancient Christian contemplative practices in today's busy world.

Faith at home

What is modelled in the home continues to influence into adulthood. Resources to help you share faith at home.

Personal Discipleship Plan

Feel more confident and equipped to live out the good news of Jesus in all areas of your life.

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