Växjö Diocese is part of the worldwide Christian church and one of the 13 dioceses of the Church of Sweden.


Växjö Diocese comprises parishes in an area which consists of the greater part of Småland, the whole of the island of Öland and a very small part of Halland County. The diocese is a pastoral area led by a bishop. The bishop of Växjö is Fredrik Modéus, who was consecrated in 2015. Read more about Fredrik.

The fundamental task of the diocese is to promote and have oversight over the parishes and their fundamental task - that people come to faith in Christ and live in faith, that a Christian fellowship is created and deepened, that God’s kingdom is extended and that creation is renewed. The diocese also has the responsibility of administering the clergy stipendiary resources, which include forests, land and funds.

In faithfulness to the commission, the diocese supports the parishes through promoting and exercising oversight and challenging and developing a comprehensive view of the task. Through recruitment, training and guidance, the diocese gives support so that parishes have workers sent for their task. In showing consideration for creation, the diocese takes responsibility for the environment and resources. The diocese arranges the functions of the secretariat so that the promotion and oversight of the task is possible.

Their work is characterised by:

  • Faithfulness to Christ’s commission;
  • Listening and teaching;
  • Skill and creativity;
  • Reliability and the taking of responsibility.

Material adapted from the Diocese of Växjö webpages.

Our work together


Pilgrimage is a devotional exercise with a long history. Today, it is seen as an opportunity for being apart, for reflection and companionship.  It one of the strands in the Oxford Diocese agenda. It is also a prominent aspect of spirituality in the Church of Sweden.

To get information on Pilgrimage routes in Sweden, click here. You can also read accounts of early pilgrimages from the Revd Hugh White and Deddington Parish.

In 2020 and 2021, the largest pilgrimage in our partnership took place to mark . Covering roughly 760 miles over 86 days (begun in February 2020, interrupted by COVID and continued from May to August 2021), St Sigfrid's way followed the path of the patron saint of Växjö from his his home in York, down the central 'spine' of England, and then along the Thames to Ramsgate. It then continued in Sweden from Göteborg to Växjö, where Sigfrid built a church and exemplified the way of nonviolence and peace.

You can find the full pilgrimage map and guide on the St Sigfrid's Trust website and follow the daily walks on the pilgrimage's Facebook page.

Curates' conference

For several years, cohorts of curates from the Diocese of Oxford have taken part in a residential course at St Sigfrid's Folk High School. Read an account of the first conference in 2013. 

Annual conferences

Each year, a group of people from the links - some members of the link committees and some specialists with an interest in that year's topic - come together for a conference on a particular aspect of mission. Participants give and discuss presentations that address the topic from the presenters' own contexts. 

Conference Foci:

  • 2017 - held in Oxford - Migration
  • 2018 - held in Växjö - The Rural Church. Read a summary here
  • 2019 - held in Oxford - Interfaith matters
  • 2020 - held online - Responses to the COVID pandemic
    Read a paper given by Frida Mannerfelt, Preaching during Covid.‹
  • 2021 - held online - Discipleship 

Other shared work

Parish links 

St Deddington and Sofiakyrkan in Jönköping

This link has been in place for more than a decade. At the end of May and beginning of June 2011, a choir from Deddington Deanery visited Jönköping (read about the visit here); a number of people took part in a pilgrimage from Jönköping to Vadstena and the curate of Deddington, the Revd Dan Inman, was attached to Sofiakyrkan for a short time as the first leg of a curate exchange.

The Sofiakyrka choir gave Lucia concerts in Christ Church Cathedral and Deddington Parish Church in 2011 and 2013.

St Francis, Terriers and Bredaryd

Find out more about St Francis, Terriers and Bredaryd Pastorate on their websites.

St Mary's Parish Church, Witney and Bor

Following an exploratory visit by a group from Witney (who happened to be participants in the September 2013 Curates Course at St Sigfrid’s Folk High School, Växjö), a link has been established, following which a group from Witney visited Bor in August 2014.

Read a report on that first visit here

Akeman Benefice and Mönsterås-Fliseryd

The Akeman Benefice is developing a close relationship with Mönsterås-Fliseryd and is enjoying sharing their experience of life and witness. Find out more about the link at the Akeman Benefice website.

Read a report on that first visit here

Historic link


The Revd Hugh White

Växjö Link Chair

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