Friends Schemes

Running regular fundraising for the church building

There is guidance to talk you through setting up a Friends Scheme on the Parish Resources website.

Friends Schemes can be successful but there are some very important considerations when you are looking at starting a scheme:

  1. How will a Friends Scheme compliment, rather than replace, regular giving?

    If the scheme targets people who would otherwise be encouraged to be regular givers to their church you will not, overall, increase your income. So it is important that a Friends Scheme is primarily aimed at those who would otherwise not consider regularly financially supporting the church.

  2. How will you structure the scheme?

    We strongly recommend setting up Friends Schemes as sub-committees of the PCC (or DCC) rather than as a separate, independent organisation. This allows non PCC members to sit on the sub-committee whilst still ensuring ultimate accountability for the fundraising and its income falls within the PCC.

  3. Would a scheme have longevity?

    Friends Schemes take a lot of effort to set up, from arranging the structure to organising volunteers, and it is important to have a view towards how the scheme will make a difference not just in the short term but in 5-10 years time.

    Are volunteers open to long-term commitment? Is there plenty of scope for growth? Do the events and activities of the Friends focus on short-term goals or on long-term support?

I am very pleased to be able to share a wonderful case study from Bisham Church Friends who have worked through all these considerations and built an active, engaging Friends Scheme which draws members from all over the world.

I encourage this as essential reading for anyone thinking of setting up a Friends Scheme and you can access it here (written January 2021).

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