Fresh expressions is about creating new forms of emerging church, transforming the lives of people who currently have little or no connection with Church.

In November 2000 the Diocesan Synod committed itself to ‘creating new forms of emerging church’. Since then much has happened on the national scene and the Diocese is recognised as having done some pioneering work in this area.

This work has been under the umbrella of the ‘Cutting Edge Ministries’ initiative. Now, in line with the national initiative, the Diocese is working with the term ‘fresh expressions’ to incorporate all the initiatives that come within it.

A fresh expression of church is intended as a community or congregation which is (or has the potential to grow into) a church in its own right. It is not intended to be a half way house or stepping-stone for someone joining a Sunday morning congregation. It is our intention that, under this heading, we will be able to gather and share the great deal of learning that arises from our collective experience.

Some of the fresh expressions in our diocese:

  • i-church was founded by the Diocese of Oxford in 2004 and is an online community. A core community exists alongside the public ‘Gatehouse’ and ‘Courtyard’ areas of the website. The priest-in-charge  of i-church is the Revd Pam Smith.
  • mayBe meets in Oxford
  • home meets in Oxford

Beginning, nurturing and Sustaining Fresh Expressions of Church

A booklet produced by the Diocese of Oxford.

  • What is a fresh expression of church?
  • Why do fresh expressions matter?
  • How do fresh expressions begin and develop?
  • Nurturing a fresh expression
  • Sustaining a fresh expression Resources

Cutting Edge Ministries – The Journey (4.69 MB)