An opportunity to do some ‘ecclesiastical geography’, explore biblical themes of place and locality and how the parish system translated these into the English context. Rt Revd Dr Andrew Rumsey is Bishop of Ramsbury.

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Bishop Tom Wright leads a series of talks and discussions to help inform our theology of the cross and how we might preach on it over Lent, Holy Week and Easter. Tom Wright is one of this country’s leading New Testament scholars, who books include God and the Pandemic.

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Oxford Diocese is committed to encouraging a culture of life-long learning among its clergy and licensed lay ministers (LLMs). On these pages we offer a guide to ministerial development and some resources to help you flourish in your ministry. they are intended for all in licensed lay ministry and for all ordained ministers who have completed their curacy, although you may find that some of the material is specifically intended for those in stipendiary ordained ministry. They are grouped into the following sections:

Planning Your Ministerial Development

Introduction to CMD, including advice on sabbaticals, MDR and ministry accompaniment

Events and Programmes

Information on residential programmes and day events, including how to book

Applying for Funding

How to apply for your CMD grant and other sources of funding

To supplement our courses and CMD days, we are collecting good quality articles and online resources already available in the public domain. There’s some excellent content out there, but it is often hard to find. The aim of these pages is curate some of the best and make it easily available. We welcome suggestions for new content. If there is something you have found helpful, please contact Gill Lovell on gill.lovell@oxford.anglican.org.

Resources for Personal Development

Web links, articles and book recommendations on personal and vocational development, including clergy well-being

Resources for Professional Development

Web links, articles and book recommendations on aspects of ministry and church leadership

Resources for Parish Development

Web links, articles and book recommendations to help you in developing the mission and ministry of your parish

The members of the CMD Team are:

Charles Chadwick, Oxford Archdeaconry Parish Development Adviser
01865 208246 – email charles.chadwick@oxford.anglican.org

Gill Lovell, Buckingham Archdeaconry Parish Development Adviser
01865 208256/07391 416 089 – email gill.lovell@oxford.anglican.org

Rhodri Bowen, Berkshire Archdeaconry Parish Development Adviser
07741 736480 – email rhodri.bowen@oxford.anglican.org

Lizzie Wood, PA to the CMD Team
01865 208277 – email liz.wood@oxford.anglican.org