In the Diocese of Oxford, we believe that mission and ministry are the vocation of the whole church. All Christians (the ‘people of God’) are called to join in with what God is doing in the world. This involves both telling what God has done and living out God’s Good News through service and care of others in their day-to-day lives, in their families, their work and in the way they engage with wider society.

Some Christians are called to specific kinds of service within the structures of the Church in addition to this calling as the ‘people of God’, serving God in their daily lives and in the church. These specific ministries can be lay or ordained.

The pages in this section detail the ways in which the Diocese of Oxford supports mission and ministry through learning for discipleship and exercising authorised and licensed ministry, both lay and ordained.

Lifelong Learning

Exploring Your Vocation

Lay Ministry

"I admit you as a Reader in the Church and I license you as a Licensed Lay Minister in the Diocese, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit..."

Ordained Ministry


Ministerial Development

Continuing ministerial development. Cogs have personal and development written on them