All Christians are invited to join in with what God is doing in the world. This involves both telling what God has done and living out God’s Good News through service and care of others.

Most Christians are called to make God known in their family life, daily work and engagement with their local communities and wider society. Some are called to various kinds of service within the structures of the Church.

The pages in this section detail the ways in which the Diocese of Oxford supports such mission and ministry through learning for discipleship and exercising authorised and licensed ministry, both lay and ordained.

Lifelong Learning

Exploring Your Vocation

Lay Ministry

"I admit you as a Reader in the Church and I license you as a Licensed Lay Minister in the Diocese, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit..."

Ordained Ministry


Ministerial Development

In the Diocese of Oxford, we believe that ‘ministry’ is the vocation of the whole church. Clergy and lay ministers are called to equip God’s people to serve him not only in and through the local church but in their places of work and daily life.

How does their own training prepare them to do this? In 2019 we are embarking on a research project to discover those elements of good practice in Initial Ministerial Education that equip licensed ministers to be enablers of others.

Currently, we are looking for a researcher to work with the Deputy Director of Mission to take forward this research. If you think this might be you, click here for further details.

The outline will tell you that the closing date is March 1st. But if these details still appear on the website, it means the post is still unfilled.

Oxford Diocese has recently carried out a research project to discover what equips lay and ordained ministers to enable everyday faith. Read the full report here.