Flourishing in Ministry

Advice and support for lay and ordained ministers

Flourishing in Ministry is a new resource from the Diocese of Oxford. It adds to the wealth of materials that are already available that can support each of us in our formation and personal resilience. Download the booklet or ask your archdeacon for a printed copy. Flourishing in Ministry is designed as something to write notes on and a guide to return to more than once. 

This section of the site provides further information about the resources signposted in the booklet, along with addition sources of inspiration and support. The pages will be updated regularly and we invite you to contribute suggestions and ideas for the page too. Later in 2018 we hope to publish a companion guide to help churchwardens and laity to better understand good practice in collaborative, shared ministry and what constitutes a reasonable set of expectations for congregations to have of their ministers.

We hope that Flourishing in Ministry, together with the additional resources on this page, will help to articulate principles that promote ministerial flourishing and support every minister to thrive in their life and ministry. Download a copy of the booklet here.