Coming Up: Working together to care for creation

On the 15th of September between about 10:30 and 12:30 UK time, delegates from Kimberley and Kuruman Diocese and Oxford Diocese will join together to reflect on our Christian calling to care for creation.

The session will be led primarily by Canon Rachel Mash, the co-ordinator of the Anglican Communion Environmental Network, with input from people involved with environmental work in both dioceses.

Follow #KandKOxford on the Friday to find out more – and use the hashtag to add your input to the discussions.

Welcome to the environment section of the Diocese of Oxford’s website.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the earth and its people today, and will impact on every aspect of human life and the natural environment. Churches across the Diocese of Oxford are responding to this challenge and journeying towards a greener life. Reducing our carbon footprints, running environment projects and calling for change.

Explore the environment section of the website and find out how churches are responding.

Earthing Faith

Earthing Faith is a network to resource and encourage churches and individuals in the Diocese of Oxford as we connect our faith with the earth. The network has been established help the sharing of ideas and experiences around the environment, and help us to be creative and collaborative in our engagement with the earth. The network is resourced both online and through physical gatherings.

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Visit the website at You will also find Earthing Faith on Facebook and Twitter.


For Creed and Creation Book

For Creed and Creation: A simple guide to greening your church is a great little book of practical suggestions for making your church more energy efficient. From the way the building is run, to how rubbish is recycled and the light switches used. It will help to reduce your bills and put you on the right track to tackling your churches carbon footprint.

Order a copy of For Creed and Creation. Find more resources.