Flourishing in Ministry

Helping to articulate principles promoting ministerial flourishing

This workbook supports clergy both in formation and in personal resilience, and supports every minister to thrive in their life and ministry. Ask your archdeacon for a printed copy.

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Flourishing in Ministry has space for your notes. It's a guide to return to as you reflect on your ministry and wellbeing at regular intervals.

This page provides further information about the resources signposted in the booklet, along with additional sources of inspiration and support. The pages will be updated regularly and we invite you to contribute suggestions and ideas too.

A companion resource, Flourishing Together in Church Leadership, is for everyone who exercises a leadership role in the local church, whatever it may be, as they work with clergy in leading the local church.

This workbook focuses on good practice for collaborative, shared ministry and outlines what constitutes a reasonable set of expectations for congregations to have of their ministers. Like Flourishing in Ministry, Flourishing Together is a workbook for church leaders to write notes on and return to more than once.


How much time off should I be aiming for each week?
We recommend that every full time minister takes at least 24 hours off work each week. It’s also good practice to take two consecutive 24-hour periods at least once a month. For further guidance, see page 24 of Flourishing in Ministry.
What grants are available?
The Clergy Support Trust provides support to Anglican clergy (including ordinands and retired) and their families in the UK & Ireland. They offer grants: debt support, emergency, health, financial support and wellbeing. Details of other grant-making trusts can be found on the diocesan website.

If you have any other questions, get in touch.


In this section...

Transforming conflict

Advice and guidance to those facing conflict within the diocese.

Case studies

Good practice examples of flourishing in ministry.

Useful links

External resources to help you flourish.

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