Meet the chaplains

Two of our chaplains pictured at one of their regular training sessions

A service for everyone

The LGBTQIA+ Chaplaincy Service is for and welcomes everyone from across the church spectrum and all theological understandings. Our chaplains have been chosen because they have shown the requisite gifts and aptitudes to support people according to our chaplaincy model. We believe that everyone is made in God’s image, that all are welcome in His church and that everyone has a place at the table. Our chaplaincy team fully affirms and works in line with the vote by General Synod that backed a motion calling for a ban on the practice of conversion therapy.

Meet our chaplains

Our chaplains are volunteers who undertake a range of ministry across the Diocese of Oxford. They are both lay and ordained, and of diverse sexualities. Each chaplain receives regular training and supervision and is subject to DBS checks. A reference group, chaired by the Associate Archdeacon of Dorchester, supports the service and engages with national and local developments in this area.

Take a moment to watch the introductory film and to read each chaplain's biography When you're ready to get in touch with one of them, fill in the confidential form at the bottom of this page. If you're unsure about any of the language used on this page, please read the frequently asked questions.

Black and white headshot of the Revd April Beckerleg. April is standing outside smiling, wearing a scarf.The Revd April Beckerleg

April is the vicar of a church in the Reading area. For the past few years, she has been supporting Christians whose family members are LGBTQIA+, discussing issues of love and protection, how this affects their attitudes to faith, the Bible and church tradition. She is usually available Monday–Wednesday during the day, and also some evenings if that is more convenient.


Black and white headshot of the Revd Judith Sumner, standing in front of a brick wall smiling at the cameraThe Revd Judith Sumner

Judith is part of the ministry team at Reading Minster. She believes that each and every person is precious to God and each and every person's story matters. Judith is committed to listening and being alongside others on their journey. She is available for chaplaincy in Reading on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.


Black and white headshot of the Revd Serena Tajima. Serena wears a rainbow striped lanyard which reads LGBT+ AllyThe Revd Serena Tajima

Serena is incumbent of a church north of Oxford, which is part of the Inclusive Church network. Before becoming an LGBTQIA+ chaplain, Serena volunteered as a chaplain to a musical theatre college, offering pastoral support to young people between the ages of 16-21 on a weekly basis.

Serena is now a trustee for the college and continues to provide support to them. At the forefront of her faith is the belief that we are are all equally and wonderfully made by God and therefore all loved by God with no exceptions.

Black and white headshot of the Revd Rob GlennyThe Revd Rob Glenny

Rob is the vicar of three parish churches just to the south of Oxford. He believes that LGBTQIA+ people are a gift to the church and a blessing to the world, and is comfortable talking and listening to people from a wide range of church backgrounds. He is available reasonably flexibly throughout the week, and happy to meet in person or to speak on the phone.



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