Make a difference in Ukraine

More than 14 million people have fled their homes in Ukraine following the Russian invasion. The Diocese of Oxford is working with Citizens UK to resettle Ukrainian refugees in our diocese through the UK government's Homes for Ukraine scheme.

Below are some ways you can help. If you have any questions, get in touch.

Language Learning Links

Local people are supporting newly arrived people to learn English, gain skills and settle into their new community. Sign up for lessons or to volunteer your help.

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Information for guests - Інформація для гостей

Ми сподіваємося, що ви добре влаштувалися у своїх спонсорів і відчули теплий прийом від ваших нових сусідів в Оксфордській єпархії.

Вміння розмовляти та розуміти англійську мову означає, що ви зможете робити покупки, відвідувати лікаря, допомагати своїм дітям у школі та знаходити друзів. Приєднуйтесь до безкоштовного онлайн-курсу англійської мови, який проводить преподобна Ліз Джексон, член команди координації програми єпархії з допомоги Україні. Зареєструватися можна тут. Щоб приєднатися до занять, вам знадобиться пристрій з підтримкою Zoom.
Ми хотіли б запросити вас підписатися на електронні листи від нашої Координаційної групи з питань біженців з України. Ми надсилатимемо вам інформацію про майбутні події та ресурси, які можуть допомогти вам під час вашого перебування тут, і триматимемо вас в курсі того, як просувається програма з пошуку житла від Оксфордської єпархії.
Якщо ви хочете отримувати ці листи, перейдіть за посиланням нижче та введіть свою адресу електронної пошти, своє ім’я та поштовий індекс спонсора. Потім виберіть варіант 3 і натисніть жовту кнопку «Зареєструватися».


Ви можете будь-коли передумати отримувати ці повідомлення та відмовитися від розсилки, натиснувши «Скасувати підписку» внизу будь-якого електронного листа.
Ви також можете зв’язатися безпосередньо з нами, коли вам потрібно, надіславши листа на електронну пошту, і Таня, наш працівник з питань підтримки українців за програмою «Житло для України», зв’яжеться з вами.

Ви можете ближче познайомитися з Танею та радником із питань соціальної справедливості від Єпархії Ханною Лінг у цьому відеоінтерв’ю.


Information for hosts

In December, the government announced additional support for the Homes for Ukraine scheme. Measures include thank you payments to hosts continuing after 12 months for up to two years, and hosts’ thank you payments will increase to £500 a month after a year of hosting a Ukrainian guest.

We're hosting What next? webinars for hosts and guests this January. Find out more about them and register now.

If you're currently hosting through the diocesan scheme

If you've been matched with a Ukrainian guest and are now hosting through the Diocese of Oxford and Citizens UK scheme, we'd love to hear your plans for after the first six months.

Fill in the form linked here and answer a few quick questions so we know how best to help you and your guests going forward.

Bucks County Council have supplied some great guidance on the options available to hosts, which you can read here.

Christian Concern for One World are hosting a great webinar on 22 September, which will include discussion time on issues like finding work and housing.

The government's advice for hosts reaching the four to six-month mark is available to read here.

Free online English lessons are available for your guests - find out more on the Language Learning Link website.

If you're still waiting to be matched through the diocesan scheme

If you're still willing and able to host, thank you! We know the wait has been frustrating but having you on our list is a huge help in itself to ensure we can find the most suitable home for every Ukrainian who wishes to come here.

If you haven't already, please make sure you've sent us your full details so we know everything we need to know about your household. You can do that via the form you received shortly after signing up for emails, or by clicking below.

You can also share the link below with any friends or family still interested in hosting - we'd love to hear from them too.

Send us your accommodation details for hosting.

If you'd like to be removed from the potential hosts list

We get it - it's been a long time and a lot will have changed in the last six months. If you no longer wish to be considered for matching and hosting with a Ukrainian guest, drop us an email at to let us know.

If you'd like, we can swap you onto the non-hosting support list instead - just let us know.

If you'd like to register as a host

It's not too late to apply to host. If you're considering it, check out these FAQs, then click here to register. You'll then be added to our mailing list and emailed a longer form so we can collect your details - check your spam if you don't see this within a few days! You can watch the diocesan introduction session here.



Information for supporters

There are loads of other ways you can help - whether it's picking up a family from the airport, helping with paperwork for the GP or local schools, or being a friendly face they can talk to in a difficult time.

We are co-ordinating the support across the diocese with the help of deanery leads - the go-to person for hosts and helpers in each deanery. Most deaneries now have a lead person, and all hosts who have already received guests have been linked with their deanery lead where possible. We are in the process of connecting deanery leads with people who have offered support, and they will be in touch. 

If you'd like to help in any way, we would love to hear from you! We can connect you with a local group who are hosting a family so you can give support where it's most needed. Let us know you're interested. If you speak Russian and/or Ukrainian, we'd love you to join our growing team of volunteer translators and interpreters - let us know you're interested.

Learning English is a really important skill to help our new guests settle in and find independence. Could you help? Through Language Learning Links, local people are supporting newly arrived people to learn English, gain skills and settle into their new community - find out more now.



Language Learning Links

Local people supporting newly arrived people to learn English, gain skills and settle into their new community. Sign up for lessons or to volunteer your help.

CUF Small Grants Programme for Refugee Support

Church Urban Fund has launched a Refugee Support Small Grants Programme to support Christian projects helping refugees arriving in England from Ukraine and Afghanistan.

Registered Christian charities and members of Churches Together in England are all welcome to apply for small grants of between £500 and £5,000. More information is available on CUF’s website.

Helping Hand in Buckingham

The Helping Hand team in Bucks are available to help individuals or families in need, those on low incomes and those who are experiencing a financial emergency or crisis. 

Download a leaflet in Ukrainian | Download a leaflet in English

Lunch & Learn

Every Friday at 1pm, Citizens UK have a different themed Lunch & Learn with guest speakers - a place to meet with others, get advice on the themes below and ask any questions you may have. Some sessions will be repeated, and a recording of each will also be made available.

The link to join is the same for all sessions, and we recommend all hosts join if you can. Sessions last for one hour. Catch up on all previous sessions here.

Sponsor Refugees, a Citizens UK programme, also run Lunch and Learn sessions which cover a number of useful themes for hosts. Register here.

Resources for hosts & guests

Preparing yourself and your household

You might also like to Google home safety checklists for foster parents in your area - these can give a good idea of things to consider practically when hosting children and vulnerable people.

Visa support
  • Eurostar - offering free journeys from any of their Eurostar stations.
  • Once in London, bus, tram, tube, and DLR can be used for free
  • National Rail - free travel across all National Rail train operators, light rail services and the majority of bus and coach services in England, Scotland, and Wales (you will have 48 hours from arrival in the UK to complete your journey)
  • In Oxfordshire – Comet for those who can’t get public transport
Welcome and language support
Other resources - Healthcare, finances and schools
Babies and children
Healthcare and mental health
Sim cards

Resources for supporters

CCOW are compiling a map of support which can be viewed here. You can register your support here to be added to their map.

Language help
We are building a network of supporters and are particularly interested in connecting with anyone who can speak Ukrainian or Russian. We will then link up translators with refugee families staying nearby.

Google Translate is an excellent tool to help you with basic conversation - and if you donwload the app, it can live translate signs and forms using your camera.

The Open University have some free English courses available online that you could work through with a refugee or refugee family.

Refugees are eligible for benefits, employment and healthcare as soon as they arrive, and any children will also need school placements.

Citizens Advice has some guidance on the various things refugees can apply for, as well as giving an idea of the kind of questions the various forms will ask.

Read some diocesan advice on school applications.

Everyone wants to see a friendly face when they arrive somewhere new - and if you can learn how to say hello in Ukrainian, even better!

You might also like to write a short summary of your village, town or city, explaining the amenities and how to use them, and use Google Translate to help you.

Equip your parish

Check out the Church of England toolkit for parishes looking to respond to the crisis.

Donate money

The Disasters Emergency Committee's Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal is the most effective way to help. £30 is enough to provide essential hygiene supplies for three people for one month.

Donate to Unicef to support children in danger because of the crisis.


Stories from across the diocese

Hear interviews and stories from clergy, hosts and guests across the Diocese of Oxford on Soundcloud.

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