Grow a new congregation

Swinbrook@11 began in October 2017, when 20 people were sent from St John the Baptist, Burford, a thriving but overflowing rural church. Alex Ross describes ten things that have contributed to the new congregation growing ever since.


We aim to make the 11am service the best hour of the week for all of us. A little bit of heaven in a troubled world where we can meet with God.


Every Sunday we aim to pass on the teaching of Jesus and the teaching about Jesus. We have Bibles in the pews so people can read the stories for themselves.


We have three great musicians; the music inspires worship. We have 50 per cent ancient hymns and 50 per cent modern songs.


Prayer, prayer and more prayer! Prayer is a central focus for all of us.


Anyone is welcome to attend our Monday evening prayers. They can join in spoken prayer or pray silently.


We have four home-groups and are always on the lookout for people to offer their homes for a group or to be leaders.


We are inclusive and love anyone who turns up on Sunday. We have lots of comments about the love and friendship that is so clear to people when they walk in.


We have lots of different teams, and we look for everyone who sees themselves as a regular to be involved in some way in the church family.


We eat together regularly: breakfasts in church, lunches in the village hall or pub, meals in homes, picnics and barbeques.


We visit each home in the village three times a year with invitations for Easter, harvest and Christmas. Lots of people have come as a result.

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