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Shiela FurlongIn this section you can read inspiring stories from people across the diocese about how their Christian faith influences their everyday lives. Changing our conversations can change our culture.

So how can we be more curious and interested in each other’s lives away from church gatherings? Once you've scrolled through some of the stories below, take a look at the seven small shifts your church community could take


The Revd Graham Sykes

Graham reflects on how God has used his entrepreneurial skills through his career, right up to his present role in a Christian sailing charity

An Authorised Listener

Authorised Listeners encourage a culture of dignity and respect in ministry and at work. The Revd Hannah Akibo-Betts shares her story of listening.

Rebecca Coatsworth

Emerging into adulthood, at university, Rebecca embedded the habits of an everyday relationship with God that guided her to join the dispersed Community of St Frideswide.

Men with drug and alcohol addictions

After 25 years of alcohol addiction, Chris Wood met Jesus when he least expected it during a rehabilitation programme and has never looked back.

The Revd Dr Hannah Lewis

Hannah has found God to be a constant presence with her, even in the chaos and the mess of life.

Jo Anderson

A small leap of faith in the shape of a house group project four years ago led to Jo providing a vital lifeline to her community through the pandemic.

Julia Ogilvy

A Catholic pilgrimage to Bosnia started a shift in Julia's life, leading her to sell her business and start up a charity supporting young people.

Sheila Furlong

God in the life of the CEO of The Archway Foundation, providing a lifeline for adults struggling with loneliness in Oxford for almost 40 years.

The Assistant Archdeacon of Oxford

The Revd Canon Dr Peter Groves tells his story.

The Bishop of Reading

Bishop Olivia talks about her journey from Archdeacon of Berkshire to becoming the Bishop of Reading.

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