Everyday faith

Are you confident about living out your faith from Monday to Saturday? 59 per cent of Christians surveyed recently said their church does not equip them well for life in today’s world.*

As 98 per cent of members of the Church of England are lay people, this suggests a lot of Christians would welcome an inspirational, ongoing conversation about their faith journey.

What are we doing about it?

Our churches are offering them just that conversation as part of our common vision for a more Christ-like Church. We’ve developed

Personal Discipleship Plans (PDPs), a life-changing process that hundreds of people have already embarked on.

The first step in the conversation is to nourish your inner spiritual life.

The next focuses on how you are being encouraged and supported to share your gifts and passions.

A PDP explores:

  • Core Gifts – What are my gifts? How am I sharing them?
  • Attracted by – Where may God be calling me?
  • Listening – Where am I being guided to gain experiences?
  • Life – What else is going on in my life now? What is my ideal future?
  • Experience – What energises me? What challenges me?
  • Discipleship – How am I deepening my daily spiritual life and faith?


Fiona Fieldhouse from Burchetts Green, Berkshire, has had a PDP for 12 months and has found it inspirational, confidence building and enlightening. “At the same time as helping me to focus, I have somehow been enabled to also see a bigger picture. I am enjoying the experience and feel very supported,” says Fiona.

The Revd Toby Wright, from the Benefice of Witney, says: “Whether people are new to faith or further on in their journey the process has shown itself adaptable and rewarding. Using PDPs has been one of the most transformational things I have done in my nine years here and I warmly commend it to others.”

How can I sign up?

Speak to your vicar and they will help you through the process.

* Apprentice 2009, Spring Harvest/LICC  According to a  survey of 2859 respondents conducted in 2009 (82% had been Christians for over 10 years, 67% in some kind of leadership role in the Church, 1204 were Anglicans)

98 Percent

98 per cent of the Church of England are lay people


90 per cent of their lives are not in church but at home, in their community, at work, in the shops, with family, friends and colleagues

59 per cent of those surveyed said their church does not equip people well for life in today’s world at home, at work or elsewhere