From the Diosec

As Diocesan Secretary, Mark Humphriss heads up and is responsible for all central services provided by the Diocese including HR, Finance, Buildings, Glebe, Mission, Communications and Education. He is responsible for the leadership and managerial oversight of the staff employed by the Oxford Diocesan Board of Finance and working in Diocesan Church House and in the Episcopal areas.

Mark is responsible to the Bishop of Oxford and the Chairman of the Board of Finance and has a key role advising on strategy, policy governance and resources. He is a member of the Bishop’s Staff and is titular Secretary of the Diocesan Synod and the Bishop’s Council.

Mark writes to the Diocese each month in the pages of eNews in a section known as ‘from the Diosec’. It’s a chance to hear from Mark about how Church House teams are supporting the mission and ministry of parishes across the Diocese. You’ll find a link to each article here:

Mark Humphriss

Diocesan Secretary