DAC policy for site visits effective 10th August 2020

This policy is intended to be used when visiting church buildings and churchyards and being accompanied by external attendees. This procedure must be followed without exception for your personal safety and the safety of all in attendance.

Before the meeting:

  • A copy of the policy should be supplied to all parties as it clearly explains the expectations of all parties. The DAC office are to be notified of everyone who will be in attendance at the meeting when the visit is organised
  •  It is accepted that unless notified otherwise all attendees accept the terms of the meeting as set out in this policy.
  •  Diocesan staff will ensure they wear a face mask and will have hand sanitizer for themselves. Following present Government Guidelines, Parish attendees must also wear face masks but the diocese are not able to provide these.
  • Where possible, and necessary, travel to site in separate vehicles.  If this is not possible please keep the number of people in any one vehicle to a minimum, asking the passenger to sit in the rear seat diagonally from the driver.
  • If not already done so, the parish must complete a risk assessment which must be emailed to dac@oxford.anglican.org at least one week prior to the visit. Assistance with this can be found here https://mailchi.mp/oxford.anglican.org/coronavirus-weekly-update-2-july

    At the meeting:

  •  No one demonstrating symptoms of Covid-19 is to attend the meeting
  • The meeting can take as long as necessary but the time spent within the building should be limited and all discussions to take place out in the open where possible, with a 1m + distance maintained at all times.
  • Where possible the number of attendees should be no more than 6 and minimised to only those necessary. The church representatives should include the incumbent and a representative of the PCC. If it is not possible to keep the attendees to a maximum of six, those attending should convene, at a safe distance from one another, outside the church with a few entering the building at any one time.
  • Following the meeting masks need to be properly disposed of by the individual and hand sanitiser adequately applied

       After the meeting:

  • If any attendee of the meeting develops symptoms up to14 days after the meeting they agree to share this information with all those present

Guidance for Reopening Churches after Lockdown