Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for parishes

Use the content below and the section links to the right of this page for specific help and guidance from the Diocese of Oxford. If you have specific questions or concerns not covered in any of these pages, please contact your archdeaconry office.

Recent updates

July 2021: The Church of England Recovery Group is intending to produce new guidance following a likely decision to move to step 4 later this month. The recovery group will need to wait for the decisions of the Places of Worship taskforce and any subsequent additional detail from Government departments, which means it’s likely that church guidance won’t emerge until the week of the 19 July. As ever, we’ll write to all parishes as soon as there is settled information to share.

This section shows selected and recent updates only. A full listing of updates and communications issued during the height of the pandemic can be found in the message library

Six things you can do
…to support children, young people and families

Many churches feel they have lost connection with young people.  Our new ‘six things’ resource sheets could help.

Emerging from Coronavirus

The journey of recovery will be slower than our journey into lockdown. Life is not going to be a quick return to the old normal, but rather a new living with the virus, certainly for the rest of this year and through next year. Lockdown has been difficult but has also brought new insights, opportunities and priorities to the surface. Part of being a contemplative church will be to reflect carefully on lessons learned and next steps. A new tool is available to help.

This page was last updated 12 July 2021.

This page will be updated as and when the advice from Public Health England and/or the Church of England changes.

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