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A Citizens UK gathering. Photo by Pierre869856 on WikimediaMitigating the effects of poverty and disadvantage

We are in a strategic partnership with Citizens UK, investing £150,000 in community organising over five years to establish civil society alliances for social justice in Reading and Oxford; to support action in rural contexts, and to join these with the pre-existing and very effective Citizens Milton Keynes to form Thames Valley Citizens. The founding assembly was held on Zoom in June 2020.

Our work with Citizens UK enables us not only to mitigate the effects of poverty and disadvantage, through our foodbanks, winter night shelters, etc, but also to challenge the underlying causes and take action for the common good.

The Diocese of Oxford has been closely involved with other Citizens Chapters across the country to listen to the experiences of the most vulnerable in lockdown, and to articulate and take action on emerging injustices highlighted by COVID-19, for example a national campaign to tackle working poverty by seeking the real living wage for care workers.

Emergent Citizens activities in Reading and Oxford have so far reached over 70 organisations: churches, mosques, the Hindu and Jewish communities; schools, colleges/universities and community groups. It is proving to be a diverse and intergenerational of bringing communities together for social justice.

We want to support other forms of community engagement and social action through local initiatives led by churches elsewhere in the diocese. We are working on a training programme to share the methodology and tools of community organising to achieve this.

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