Come and See

Many people are asking deep questions of faith. Jesus says, ‘Come and see, come and explore, let me help you to understand how all this fits together’. So why not walk with us, as we walk with Jesus.

Come and See

Come and See

Many people are asking deep questions of faith. “Come and See” is an invitation from our Bishops to local communities to take the first steps in exploring faith.

Who is it for?

Come and See is an invitation to everyone, for everyone. It’s for anyone who feels adrift in this pandemic, whether or not they know anything about the Christian faith.

When you register using the link below, we’ll send you some helpful information and daily reflections through to the end of March. If you’d like us to, we’ll also put you in touch with your local church, but that’s entirely up to you.

The journey so far

Our journey began on 17 February. Take a peek at the daily reflections and resources we’ve shared so far.

Come and See includes five complimentary contemplative practices from our new Contemplative Toolkit (published this Spring). The guides are published each Sunday during Lent and available to download from this page.

In our busy world we often forget the ancient wisdom that we are human beings not human doings.

Dwelling – available 28 Feb

Mending – available 7 March

Noticing – available 14 March

Blessing – available 21 March

Everyone who has registered for Come and See receives a short film (also available as a podcast and online audio) via an email each week telling the great story of our faith.

I Believe in God, Father Almighty

I Believe in Jesus Christ – available 28 Feb

He was crucified, died and rose again… – available 7 March

I Believe in the Holy Spirit – available 14 March

The Church and the forgiveness of sins – available 21 March

Register here!

It takes seconds to join in. A new browser tab or window will open when you click the button below. Add your first name and email address and we’ll be in touch.

For a closed caption version of these films, please visit our YouTube channel.

Wonderers welcome

Come and See is a free online experience to help you find out more about the Christian faith. It’s not too late to register, so why not join in.

Matthew’s story

Matthew was familiar with the rhythms of attending church. But it wasn’t until he stepped out of the familiar that he found something he truly felt a part of.

Nour’s story

Nour had heard people say that ‘Jesus died for her’. But that left her with one big question – why me? Finding the answer transformed her life.

Dom and Katie’s story

Discovering Jesus saved Dom’s life. He then met Katie, an atheist, and, together they discovered the Christian faith afresh.

Come and See