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Come and See is our big, warm open invitation to an adventure in faith and trust.

It’s for everyone in the local church and the whole community... including children and young people, families and schools. It's free of charge and all are welcome. 

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There's still time to join! You can sign up for Come and See at any point during Lent to start receiving the daily emails, and the you can catch up on any you've missed below.

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What is the theme for 2024?

In three of the four gospels, Jesus is asked which commandment is the most important. He answers not with one commandment but with two: you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength, and you shall love your neighbour as yourself. Come and See shows how these two commandments can give a rhythm and a shape to our lives. 

What does it involve?

Everyone who registers will receive a daily short email to reflect on, and a weekly short video from Bishop Steven exploring the themes in a bit more detail. The materials are suitable both for those who are exploring faith for the first time and those with an established faith. There are also special materials for family groups and schools. They receive a weekly email with a video message on the same theme, which is filmed by one of our school chaplains. Scroll down this page and click the link to register

What do people think?

Lent 2024 is the fourth year of Come and See. Over the years we've learned that once people sign up for Come and See during Lent, they stay. We'd love you to join us for Lent 2024 for what promises to be the best Come and See yet: the way of love. 

“I found I looked forward every day to being fed and finding new ways to strengthen my faith! The whole of Lent was very uplifting!”

How can my church work with Come and See?

There are many different ways that you and your church can work with Come and See. You can encourage each other to register for the daily emails, you can use the weekly films as part of a talks series, or you can use the dedicated materials for course organisers to offer Come and See to Sunday and small groups. The Christian life is something that we do together. What might you and your church offer? 

“Come and See small groups were extremely helpful. Led by the lay clergy, we were able to share comments, life experiences and questions. We were able to bring relevance to the Beatitudes and to see how they could help structure our lives in a truly Christian way. I feel it brought us together as a church family, and I shared deep discussions with members of the church I hadn't spoken to before.”

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