Come and See

Come and See takes place during Lent each year. Explore a small selection of resources and films from this year.

Come and See

Come and See

Many people are asking deep questions of faith. “Come and See” is an annual invitation from our Bishops to take the first steps in exploring faith. Sign up here.

Who is it for?

Come and See is an invitation to everyone, for everyone. It’s for anyone who feels adrift, whether or not they know anything about the Christian faith.

Our 2021 journey

Take a peek at some of the daily reflections and resources in 2021. And look out for details of our 2022 programme a little later this year.

Come and See is a daily email journey during Lent, complete with videos and resources to explore. These are just a taster from our 2021 journey.

Everyone who registers for Come and See receives a short film (also available as a podcast and online audio) via an email each week telling the great story of our faith. In 2021 we explored the Apostles’ Creed with Bishop Steven.

I Believe in God, Father Almighty

I Believe in Jesus Christ

He was crucified, died and rose again…

I Believe in the Holy Spirit

The Church and the forgiveness of sins

Come and See includes five complimentary contemplative practices from our new Contemplative Toolkit. An invaluable way to slow down and reflect in these busy times. Click the links below to download each practice.

In our busy world, we often forget the ancient wisdom that we are human beings not human doings.

This practice is about the way the Bible can ‘come alive’ as you read it.

As we move through these practices, we touch on some of the more difficult aspects of life.

Noticing apparently small and insignificant details of life can help us realise that they are actually signs
pointing to personal, spiritual and community truth.

In this practice we use the tree of life as a symbol to think about how we can be blessed, and how we might bless others.

Come and See