Dwelling in the Word

Bibles in pewsListening to scripture, each other and God.

Dwelling in the Word isn't about sharing information or seeking scholarly answers - or even the right answers - to the issues raised in the text.

It is far from magical or formulaic; it won’t solve all the problems or answer all the questions, difficulties and issues you have to address. But over time, this discipline forms a community of the Holy Spirit, where the Spirit is as welcome and expected as anyone else there.

In our current season (September 2021 onwards) we are encouraging everyone to dwell on 1 Peter 1.13-2.12. We find a longer passage is better when used across a whole year but if a shorter passage is helpful, the text breaks down easily into 1.13-25 and 2.1-12.

1 Peter is the agreed text for the Lambeth Conference, and bishops all across the Anglican Communion are currently meeting in small groups online to reflect on different passages. You can listen to Bishop Steven's podcast series on 1 Peter, drawing down some of the rich themes which will help strengthen the Church in the present time.

Viewed through a different lens

Some circumstances make us view the text through a different lens, Kate Tuckett discovers as she reads the first chapters of 1 Peter.

Our solid ground

We will only navigate the challenges of the coming years if we learn to be a deeper church again.

The wisdom of 1 Peter

A guide to reading 1 Peter in a way that allows you to listen to scripture, God and each other.

Dwelling in Christ's coming

Reflections on John's gospel.

Dwelling in the Psalms

How the writer of a psalm found his faith sustained by reading scripture.

Making a difference

People around the diocese share the difference dwelling in the Word can make.

Dwelling in the Word with children

The Revd Jo Williams describes how children can bring unique insights into scripture.

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