Coronavirus crisis

Numbers are diverted to staff working at home. Please exercise good judgement and call our teams during normal working hours Monday to Friday. Please note, some staff are also currently on furlough, more details.

Oxford Diocesan Bucks Schools Trust

David Cousins

David Cousins

Chief Executive - Oxford Diocesan Bucks Schools Trust

07884 667040

Moira Cummins

Moira Cummins

Chief Financial Officer (ODBST)

07741 627828

Rachael Hollinshead

Chief Operations Officer (ODBST)

07391 416990

Sarah Rowe

HR Manager (ODBST)

07741 896861

Alison Haynes

Finance Officer (ODBST)

07778 142754

Deborah Stainer

Governance Services Officer (ODBST)

07741 328314

Emily Gatis

Emily Gatis

Administrator and Events Officer (ODBST)

07741 328312

Eileen Northey

School Improvement (ODBST)

07741 901044