Human Resources

Poli Shajko

Director of HR and Safeguarding

01865 208770

Tim Barnett

Senior HR Adviser

01865 208763

Pat Burton

HR and Stipends Administrator

01865 208204

Linda Carpenter

Safeguarding and DBS Administrator

01865 208267

Emma Hooper

Safeguarding Casework Officer for Buckinghamshire

Rowan Lake

HR and Safeguarding Administrator

01865 208295

Joel May

HR Files Assistant for the Oxford Area Office

Rebecca Norris-Bulpitt

Safeguarding Assistant and Training Officer

01865 208290

Susie Sigsworth

HR Administrator

01865 208269

Suzanne Urwin

HR Adviser

01865 208201

Helen Walker

Human Resources Officer

01865 208744

Richard Woodley

Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser

Currently away from the office