Coronavirus crisis

Numbers are diverted to staff working at home. Please exercise good judgement and call our teams during normal working hours Monday to Friday. Please note, some staff are also currently on furlough, more details.

Glebe And Buildings Staff

David Mason

Director of Glebe and Buildings

01865 208230

Tim Alley

Building Surveyor (Development)

01865 208281

Karen Barton


01865 208200

Mary Coates

PA to Director of Glebe and Buildings

01865 208231

Karen Drew

Part-time Administrative Assistant (Repairs and Maintenance)

01865 208268

Jane Darling

Property Manager

01865 208248

Roisin Collins

PA to the Director of Glebe and Buildings

01865 208231

Tony Kerry

Deputy Diocesan Surveyor (repairs and maintenance)

01865 208292

Chris Mariner

Chris Mariner

Building Surveyor

01865 208232

David Mitchell

Deputy Diocesan Surveyor (development)

01865 208233

Kally Morley

Church House Facilities Manager

01865 208764

Debbie Perry

Project Co-ordinator

01865 208223

Marion Williams


01865 208200