Coronavirus crisis

Numbers are diverted to staff working at home. Please exercise good judgement and call our teams during normal working hours Monday to Friday. Please note, some staff are also currently on furlough, more details.

Finance Department Staff

Alison Jestico

Director of Finance

01865 208205

Becky Morris

Financial Controller

01865 208208

Danuta Finze

Finance Processing Team Leader

01865 208207

Philip Hind

IT Business Partner

01865 208262

Liz Holloway

Finance Officer: Parish Share

01865 208210

Karen McGill

Finance Assistant

01865 208247

Aline Nkusi

Accounts Assistant

01865 208294

Rachel Reynolds

Accountant - Schools and Trusts

01865 208211

Dee Skelcher


01865 208209

Carol-Anne Swinney


01865 208206