Coronavirus crisis

Numbers are diverted to staff working at home. Please exercise good judgement and call our teams during normal working hours Monday to Friday. Please note, some staff are also currently on furlough, more details.

Diocesan Registry Staff

David Hodge


01865 297214 Email c/o:

Revd Christopher Rogers

Deputy Chancellor

01865 297214 Email c/o:

Darren Oliver

Diocesan Registrar

01865 297210

John Rees

Diocesan Registrar

01865 297214

Cordelia Hall

Deputy Diocesan Registrar

01865 297207

Helen Lambourne

Diocesan Registry Clerk (for faculty information)

01865 297208

Sara Leader

Diocesan and Provincial Registry Clerk

01865 297211

Ruth Rundle

Personal Assistant to the Diocesan Registrars

01865 297214