Coronavirus crisis

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and to allow for the necessary replacement of the Church House heating system, all Church House staff are working remotely until the end of March. There is no access to Church House at this time. Meetings involving diocesan staff will be online. Staff remain available to support you but note that numbers are diverted to staff working at home. Please exercise good judgement and call our teams during normal working hours Monday to Friday.

Board Of Education

Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson

Director of Education

01865 208772


Frances Bartlett

Deputy Director of Education (Quality and Delivery)

07884 654741

Gordon Joyner

Deputy Director of Education (Development & Support)

01865 208240

Anne Andrews

RE Adviser

07884 655097

Ruth Bennie

School Link Adviser

07392 195495

Penny Bingham

Executive Officer

01865 208237

Jackie Cousins

Schools Link Adviser

07471 350806

Angela Curran-Smith

Church-School Relationship Adviser & Discipleship Enabler (Buckinghamshire)

07552 247904

Tom Fry

Building Surveyor

01865 208259

Howerd Wilkins

Building Surveyor

01865 208246

Christine Jones

Admissions and Appeals Officer

01865 208279

Charlie Kerr

Chaplaincy Adviser

07776 595046

Toby Long

Schools Link Adviser

07443 236069

Jane Maharry

Premises Officer

01865 208276

Donna Finlay

Training & Events Administrator

01865 208272

Karen Metcalfe

Schools Link Adviser

07392 195097

Christine Price-Smith

School Link Adviser

07884 654742

Tracy Makin

Schools Support Officer

01865 208242

The Revd Robin Sharples

School Link Adviser

07801 884402

Marion Standing

School Link Adviser

07801 884397

Allyson Taylor

SIAMS Adviser

07884 654740