The Order of St Frideswide is a recognition of those people who have made a distinctive and significant contribution to the life and wellbeing of the diocese. These awards were first awarded in 2001.

Jan Fishwick2021
James Macnamara2021
Kathy Winrow2021
Martin Conway2020
Ruth Conway2020
Rosemary Pearce2020
Dr Hugh Boulter2019RIP
Anna Thomas Betts2019
Jeremy Twynam2018
Gordon Gill2018
Charles Baker2018
Gordon Gill2018
Michael Hardman2017
Peter Bridges2015
Robin Birch2015
Geoff Strutt2015
Mary Bayliss2015RIP
Jo Saunders2015
Brian Newey2012RIP 2021
Rosemary Green2012RIP
David Jefferson2012
William Benyon2011RIP 2014
Owen Jewiss2011RIP 2011
Mary Saunders2009
Chris Burley2008
Judith Scott2008
Martin Mays-Smith2008RIP 2014
John Winnington-Ingram2008RIP 2021
Sir Philip Wroughton2008RIP
Beverley Ruddock2006RIP 2007
Maureen Beadsley2006
Hugo Brunner2006
David Wright2006
Brian Smith20052021
Elizabeth Higgs2005RIP 2013
Tim Russian2003
Penny Keens2002
Philip Giddings2001