Ronald Hall, Bishop, Missionary, 22 April 1975

He showed us how the Christ he talked about is living now…

Ronald Hall

Born in 1895, Ronald Owen Hall was an undergraduate at Oxford and retired to the Diocese where he was an assistant bishop until his death on this day in 1975. He will, however, be remembered for his remarkable ministry among the rapidly expanding population in Hong Kong where he was bishop for 34 years and for his holiness of life. He was a man of missionary vision who had a profound influence on the leaders of the church in China. He was seen as a man who was ahead of his time in such things as ecumenism, Anglican relations and non-stipendiary ministry and during World War II ordained the first Anglican woman priest. But it was in his care of individuals that he was most loved. His ashes are buried in the sanctuary of St Margaret’s Lewknor and the memorial reads, ‘He showed us how the Christ he talked about is living now’.

In March 2013, the new Lecture Theatre at Ripon College, Cuddesdon was named after Bishop R O Hall, and dedicated to his memory by his successor Archbishop Paul Kwong of Hong Kong.

Photograph by the late Geoffrey Coxhead, provided by Canon Christopher Hall.