Roland Allen

Priest, 9 June 1947

Roland Allen resigned as vicar of Chalfont St Peter in November 1907 because he felt that in conscience he could not minister as the Established Church required him, to those who ‘habitually neglect their religious duties, or openly deny the truth of the Creeds or by the immorality of their lives openly defy the laws of God’. During the 1920s he lived in Beaconsfield and wrote several books, articles etc. His works attracted attention overseas where he was a missionary in China and Africa and is regarded as a prophet and a pioneer of self-governing younger churches, local ordained ministry and a forerunner of the liberation theologians. His missionary methods were based on St Paul’s methods of establishing new churches and equipping them with the Bible, Creeds, ministry and sacraments.

Picture courtesy of the Parish of Chalfont St Peter