Charles Gore

Bishop, Founder of the Community of the Resurrection, 17 January 1932

He helped to reconcile the Church to some aspects of biblical criticism and scientific discovery, yet was Catholic in his interpretation of the faith and sacraments.

Born in 1835, Gore became one of the most influential Anglican theologians.  He was also concerned to bring Catholic principles to bear on social problems. As an Oxford don and then as a Canon of Westminster, he was renowned for his preaching.

In the 1890s, he was the founder — and first leader — of the Community of the Resurrection, which in later years settled at Mirfield in Yorkshire. From 1902, he was successively bishop of Worcester, Birmingham and Oxford. He was much mourned at his death in 1932.

Portrait by Glyn Warren Philpot RA (1884-1937), reproduced with permission of the Bishop of Oxford.

Text reproduced from Exciting Holiness by kind permission of Brother Tristam Holland SSF.