The papers for the 2020 Visitations can be found below:

The letter from Archdeacon Judy French can be found here

Canon E1 of the Canons of the Church of England sets out in summary form the duties of churchwardens

The Churchwardens Nomination Form for use at your APCM can be found here
The Churchwardens Declaration Form can be found here
The Attendance Form can be found here
The list of venues for 2020 will be uploaded once new Visitation Services have been rearranged for November.
The order form for the Churchwardens Year book for for 2020 is here

A useful leaflet on the role of a Churchwarden can be found here

The Registrar’s Letter of Citation to Churchwardens for Dorchester can be found here

If you are unsure as to who your deanery administrator is, please contact the Archdeacon’s office at or call 01865 208245.

At the Visitation Services, churchwardens will be given a copy of the latest Archdeacons’ Visitation News which we hope you will find interesting. This year’s Visitation News will be uploaded when we have received it.