Service of welcome for Bishop-Designate Gavin Collins


Over 300 people online and a handful of key ‘in person’ staff from the Diocese, marked the arrival of The Venerable Gavin Collins, Bishop Designate of Dorchester, in a special service of welcome live streamed last Sunday.

Friends of Fawley Church


The villagers of Fawley are marking the first anniversary of their community prayer programme – something they adopted to combat the loneliness and fear caused by Covid. 

Bells for those lost in the Cataraqui shipwreck of 1845

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St Nicholas church, Tackley, commemorate the 42 souls lost in the Cataraqui shipwreck of 1845 by tolling the funeral bells.

Witney Church Carol-Van

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Carol-Vanning all the way…


This year, St Mary’s Church, Cogges in Witney is taking a novel approach to celebrating Advent and Christmas to ensure that everyone can experience the comfort and joy that Christmas brings. They will be rolling out a veritable festive feast of events from online Christingle making to Advent window trails and perhaps most exciting of all, Carol-Vanning.

Gavin Collins named Bishop of Dorchester


The Queen has approved the appointment of the Venerable Gavin Collins, Archdeacon of the Meon, as the next Bishop of Dorchester.

Tom Kerridge delivers meals and water to NHS staff

Tom Kerridge charity Meals from Marlow delivers food to NHS staff


Tom Kerridge’s charity Meals from Marlow has delivered over 75,000 meals to those in need over lockdown, with the help of a local church.

Appointing the next Bishop of Dorchester


Bishop Colin will retire in November having served with great distinction. A process of consultation has begun to appoint the next Bishop of Dorchester.

New Associate Archdeacons ready to help

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As parishes begin to emerge from lockdown and focus once again on our common vision to become a more Christ-like Church, our three Associate Archdeacons are ready to help.

Calmer classrooms with the Contemplative Toolkit

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The noise of the classroom quietens down within minutes as children become still and calm during a series of new contemplative practices being piloted across the Diocese of Oxford.

That was what happened at Goring CE Primary School, one of the Church schools taking part in the Contemplative Toolkit pilot. It is one of a suite of similar resources being trialled among youth groups and families and set to launch in 2020.