One of the passions claimed by our Prime Minister is the construction and painting of model buses. This seems aptly piquant given the journey we have all been on over the course of the last few years. The ‘B’ word seems to dominate our every waking hour of news and information. To the extent that one of my colleagues was asked this week for ODBE’s policy on Brexit. This brought home to me the need more than ever to focus on our core purpose of serving our schools regardless of the state of the nation.

With the above in mind, I relished the opportunity spending this Thursday afternoon at St Peter’s School, Earley. I enjoyed a really productive meeting with Hester Wooller, CEO of The Keys together with her executive officer colleagues and senior trustees. This was followed by a tour of the school and a visit to the unique ‘Learning Bus’. The vibrancy of the learning environment was matched by a sense of purpose and order. My Year 6 student guides were justly proud of their school and their school can be justly proud of them.

Till next week.