Visitor Co-ordinator for the Archdeacon of Buckingham’s Clergy Charity


Role of the Co-ordinator of visitors to Clergy Widows/ Widowers (expenses and honorarium paid)

The Archdeacon of Buckingham’s Clergy Charity is a small Charity set up to provide financial support to clergy in the Archdeaconry, their widows/widowers in times of need.  The Trustees comprise of the Archdeacon of Buckingham, the Bishop of Buckingham and three Lay members.  Whilst the needs of the clergy are generally well known to the Archdeacon, the clergy widows are personally visited by lay people in order to provide both pastoral support and to establish if the Charity can help with any specific significant financial issue.

Currently there are six visitors based in different parts of the county who have been coordinated on a voluntary basis by Mrs Sue Powell for more than a decade.  Sue now wishes to relinquish the voluntary Coordinator’s role but will continue to visit a smaller number of widows.  The Trustees are therefore looking for someone to continue with this valuable work.  Specifically, this entails the responsibility of ensuring the continued visiting of those who wish it by the pool of Visitors (there are currently 27 widows and 1 widower) and to feed back to the Trustees any financial need which could be supported by the Charity.

The Coordinator’s responsibilities include:

  • To ensure there are enough lay visitors so that each widow receives a visit at least every three months (or more frequently according to need)
  • To collate information from all the visitors, provide a report for the Trustees and advise of any specific financial need when attending their meetings three times a year
  • Coordinate the annual luncheon at the Bishop of Buckingham’s home, normally held in June
  • Take on the visiting of a small number of widows

The person the Trustees are looking for is someone who will predominantly provide a listening ear to the concerns of the widows and be able to empathise with their current situation which can vary from being very financially secure and/or physically independent to possibly housebound or in a Care Home and/or financially in need.

You will need to have the use of a car for which the Charity offers reimbursement for mileage also an honorarium for the role will be paid.  Also you should have some expertise in the use of a computer in order to send and receive e mails and to produce written reports for the Archdeacon and the Trustees at their meetings.

For an informal discussion about the role please contact the Archdeacon of Buckingham.  Telephone: 01865 208266 or email

In addition to the Visitor Co-ordinator role, the Trust welcomes applications from volunteers who may be willing and able to visit Clergy widows and widowers.  Please contact via the telephone number or email address above if you would like to be considered for a voluntary role.